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DIY Tattoos!
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After spending time online trying to find reasonable prices on temporary tattoo paper to no avail, I decided to search for some tattoo hacks for quickie tattoos… I’m so excited to share this method¬†with you that I’m not even going to take extra time and re-photograph the tattooed arm (with¬†my beloved yellow BazzuBazzu creature) you […]

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The BEST Baked Potato EVER! (Or, How to Throw Together a Last-Minute, Delicious, Dinner Gathering!)
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WOW! Does the photo even do this culinary work of art justice?! Let me start at the beginning… So, I belong to an informal book group. You know, the kind where a handful of us shows up faithfully, mostly for the drinks, dinner, and laughter. And if some of us, ahem, don’t finish the book, […]

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